Heavy cheesecake


Digest biscuit 100g
butter 50g
Powdered sugar 70g
Coffee Liqueur 15 ounces
Mozzarella cheese 200g
egg 1
White rum 15 ounces
Vanilla extract Half teaspoon
Lemon juice Small amount
milk 70g

Heat the butter, pour in the digestive biscuits and mix well.

The practice of heavy cheese cake Step 1

Put the mozzarella cheese into the microwave until it is soft, add sugar, an egg


Add two kinds of wine, one egg, add some lemon juice to remove fishy flavor, add vanilla extract

Finally, add the milk, mix well, break up the bubbles

Leave it on for about an hour until the bubbles disappear. Pour into the 6-inch mold

Put the water at the bottom of the oven, put the mold in the middle and lower layer 160 ° 60 minutes, refrigerate overnight after the test

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