Fritters pineapple shrimp


Live prawns
Tender fritters
Huadiao Liquor
Salad dressing
Black sesame

Peel the prawns and remove the shrimp head and shell;

Pineapple cut into small pieces

Pat flat with the back of a knife and chop it into shrimp paste

Place in a small pot and mix a little cooking wine, salt, chicken essence, pepper powder with chopsticks or hands to whipping in one direction.

Add a little thick powdered water to the whipped shrimp paste and continue to beat

Fritters cut off both ends

Take the better part of the middle and cut into small pieces, insert your fingers into the middle of the fritters, carefully press the middle of the fritters to spare;

10. Put the shrimp paste into the hollow part of the fritter evenly by hand

Put the oil in the pan and cook until it is 50% hot (put a chopstick into it to test the oil temperature, and the bottom of the chopsticks will bubble)

Put the fritters into a frying pan and change to medium-low heat until the fritters become darker in color and the shrimps become hard and ready for use;

The oil in the pan is boiled again until it is hot

Pour the fried deep-fried fritters shrimp and continue to re-fry until crispy (about 10 seconds).

After cooling, mix well with pineapple and salad dressing, and finally sprinkle with black sesame.

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