Fried Udon

Lazy practice.

Lazy practice.


Udon noodle

Boil the water and throw it into the udon noodles after boiling. It's enough to cook for one minute. When the noodles are scattered, they are immediately picked up.

Shred carrots and cabbage. Sliced ham.

Put oil in the pan and heat the oil to 60% to 70% to put carrots and cabbages. After frying, put udon noodles and continue to fry. Don't fry for too long, because the udon noodles are already cooked, and the taste is not good if fried for too long. Udon noodles are half-fried, and you can put ham. I bought it in the supermarket. It was originally cooked ham, which is equivalent to heating it.

Add some salt after turning off the heat.

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