Dark chocolate oatmeal

It ’s really only chocolate and oatmeal ~ vegetarian snacks ~

It ’s really only chocolate and oatmeal ~ vegetarian snacks ~


dark chocolate 200g
Oatmeal /Instant Oatmeal 100g
Nuts (optional)
Sugar (optional)

Chop the oats. Just cut it into strips without breaking too much. Then saute in the pan without adding oil.

I use Divine's fair trade chocolate. The chocolate melted in hot water in a bowl. Pure chocolate melts easily.

Mix sauteed oatmeal with chocolate paste.

Put a layer of tin foil in the mold, then pour the oatmeal chocolate paste, flatten it, if you like nuts, you can put a few on it at this time. Let cool.

After cooling and setting, use a knife to pry loose a little along the side of the mold. The chocolate bar can be taken out together with the tin foil.

Then cut it into small pieces and place it in a lunch box. Put the refrigerator when the weather is hot, otherwise the pure chocolate will be easily melted.

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