Chrysanthemum garlic eggplant

Very simple

Very simple


sesame oil
Chicken essence
soy sauce

Wash eggplant without peeling, divided into two sections

When cutting eggplants, put two chopsticks under the eggplant, so it is not easy to cut the eggplant and cross-cut; the longer the eggplant is cut, the larger the petals of the chrysanthemum are, and the thinner the cut, the more the layers of petals.

After boiling the water, put the eggplant in the steamer, steam it for 15 minutes to take out the cold, and put it on the plate after cold

Cut the garlic into garlic, add sesame oil, chicken essence, a little soy sauce (if you are spicy, you can put a little sharp pepper), and then pour it on the eggplant.

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