Caramel pudding


Light pure milk 250ml
egg 3
White sugar 80 grams (for caramel)

Mix milk and 45 grams of white sugar until the sugar is completely melted, you can sit in a warm water pot and heat to speed up the melting

Add egg liquid, stir repeatedly, then filter twice with a filter and set aside

Pour 80 grams of white sugar and 80 grams of water in a small pot and cook the syrup over low heat

Pour the hot syrup liquid into the bottom part of the prepared heat-resistant bottle while hot

Pour the custard into the bottle

Prepare a deep baking dish. Put the bottle inside, add water to the baking tray to 2/3 height of the bottle

After 5-10 minutes, the syrup starts to look a little yellow, and immediately turn off the fire

Into the preheated oven, the middle layer is fired 150 degrees for 35 minutes

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