Tremella peach gum


White fungus Two
Peach gum A handful
crystal sugar The right amount

Soak the peach gum in clean water for about 10 hours until the hair grows

Remove the black impurities on the surface of the peach gum that has risen, wash it with clean water, and break it into uniform small pieces

Tremella soaked in clean water for about 1 hour to remove the roots and chopped (boil it for a shorter time)

Put the white fungus in the pot and add the appropriate amount of water (a little more water), simmer for about an hour after the fire is boiled, put the peach gum about 20 minutes before the fungus is cooked

When the soup starts to get a little sticky, add rock sugar and stir while boiling until the rock sugar melts

In the summer, you can put it in the refrigerator

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