Spicy Crayfish

The feeling of summer

The feeling of summer


Ginger 4 tablets
Garlic head 6
Liquor The right amount
star anise
soy sauce

Soak the lobster in brine, soak up all the dirt, wash it off with a toothbrush, slice ginger and garlic

The practice of spicy crayfish Step 1

Preheat the pot, pour in the right amount of oil, put the ginger slices when the heat is about seven or eight minutes

Quickly pour the washed lobster, stir fry for a minute or two, pour the right amount of white wine, the shovel of the cooking dish is enough

Continue to stir for four or five minutes, add a spoonful of soy sauce, stir evenly, add boiling water, just submerge the lobster, colleagues add star anise, cinnamon

Turn to low heat and simmer slowly. After 10 minutes, add the right amount of sugar, vinegar and garlic slices, and simmer on low heat until the soup is thick and ready to cook

The practice of spicy crayfish Step 5

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