Sichuan Fried Chicken

Recommended Index: 5 Difficulty: 3 Time: 60 minutes

Recommended Index: 5 Difficulty: 3 Time: 60 minutes


chicken 1
Bean paste The right amount
Sweet noodle sauce The right amount
shallot a little
ginger a little
garlic a little
star anise 2 pcs
Dried chili The right amount
Cooking wine a little
Sooty a little
Water starch a little

Preliminary preparation: 1. Cut the chicken (as shown) and wash it. 2. Onion, ginger and garlic cut into large pieces 3. Prepare water starch 4. Dried chili and shred

Sichuan Style Fried Chicken Step 1

Stir-fried: 1. Add oil, add star anise and dried chili fried fragrant 2. Add spring onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant 3. Add 2 spoons of watercress sauce, 2 spoons of sweet noodle sauce 4. Put the cleaned chicken, turn to high heat 5 . Add cold water, never chicken 6. Add cooking wine, seasoned seasoning 7. About 30 minutes, add water starch

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