Pan-fried fish steak

One year old ~~~~ I really like it

One year old ~~~~ I really like it


White sesame
Green Red Pepper
soy sauce
sesame oil

Cod fillets are naturally thawed and wiped dry, and marinated in salt, pepper, soy sauce for more than half an hour

Cod fish pieces are coated with starch on both sides and fried in oil pan; (If you don't want to dip starch, you can put a spoonful of salt in the pan to make it non-stick)

When both sides are golden brown, sprinkle with white sesame seeds

The green and red peppers are ready to be cut into shreds, add sesame oil, lemon juice (one or two drops of vinegar), soy sauce, and chicken essence, mix well and use with dishes! Another pinch of coriander leaves to decorate ~~~~~ OK

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