Mango ice cream

Summer homemade mango ice cream

Summer homemade mango ice cream


Mango puree 300g
milk 400ml
Light cream 250ml
White sugar 100g
yolk 4

The mango is broken, everyone knows it, and then take out the flesh and put it in the fresh-keeping bag. Then use the squeeze technique to squeeze the pulp into puree by hand, add 30g of white sugar to the mango puree. The advantage of this is that there may be fruit particles in the finished product. If it is beaten by a machine, the powder will be crushed, but it will lose the original appearance of the original. On the one hand, I'm lazy, because if the machine breaks, the tossing back and forth is also troublesome ~

Putting milk and egg yolk together with the remaining 70g of sugar, I am too lazy to cook. Just cover it with hot water and mix well. Let cool

Add light cream to 2 and continue to mix, then add 1. Then put in the refrigerator to freeze.

Take it out after four hours and whipping every half an hour. Repeat four times. Boxed and put away.

On a hot summer day, just eat it if you like, homemade mango ice cream ~~

The practice of mango ice cream Step 5

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