Fried pork chop with sweet and sour chili

出自Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course S01E01

出自Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course S01E01


Red onion 1
Red bell pepper 2
Garlic head 3 tablets
Basil A handful
Thyme A handful
butter 3 thumbs
sugar A spoon
Red wine vinegar A spoon
olive oil
Pork chop 2 pieces about 2 cm thick

Use the tip of the knife to cut three or four small holes vertically on the skin /fat side of the pork chop, seasoned with salt and black pepper

Cut bell peppers into seed strips, slice onions, and slice basil leaves. Take three garlic cloves and pat them flat without peeling

Stir-fried bell pepper and onion in olive oil, add a spoon of sugar to caramelize (slightly brown), add a spoon of red wine vinegar and olive oil after three minutes, low fire for two minutes or until most of the red wine vinegar has evaporated, add basil Continue to fry for half a minute. Out of the pot

Wipe clean the pot, high heat, olive oil, add pork chop, garlic, thyme, butter, fry on one side for 3 minutes

Turn over the pork chop and stuff thyme under the pork chop for another 3 minutes. From time to time, use a spoon to pour the butter sauce on the pork chop.

Pork chop out of the pan, let stand for 5 minutes and set the plate.

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