Fried Loin

Recommended Index: 4 Difficulty: 5 Time: 30 minutes

Recommended Index: 4 Difficulty: 5 Time: 30 minutes


Pork loin The right amount
Zanthoxylum bungeanum The right amount
Green /red pepper The right amount
shallot a little
ginger a little
garlic a little
Cooking wine The right amount
soy sauce The right amount
MSG The right amount
salt The right amount

Preliminary preparations: 1. Slice waist loin, pork loin 1 split 2, do not show in the middle. Cut the pork loin with a diagonal knife and cut it in the opposite direction. Cut the silk at 90 degrees, using the push knife method. 2. Prickly ash boiled water 3. Washed and shredded chili 4. Shredded onion and ginger, sliced garlic 5. Washed chopped waist shreds with cold water 6. Burn a pot of boiling water, boil the waist shreds 7. Put the cooked boiled kidney Soak in pepper water for 20 minutes

The practice of stir-fried pork shreds Step 1

Production: 1. Put oil in the pot, put onion, ginger and garlic 2. Pour in the waist shreds and chilli 3. Put in cooking wine, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, salt seasoning

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