Old noodles
Stew pot

The fired rice cakes are stuffed. The stuffing is prepared first, and it changes with the changes of the vegetables and vegetables in the seasonal dishes. My hobbies are leeks with eggs, shepherd's purse mixed with bacon, common ones are jar beans, squash, rare toon seedlings, sweet bean paste and smelly pickles. Baba filling, pay attention to the same thickness on both sides, the filling should reach the side, the cake can not be broken. If you don't get home, the shell is thick on one side and thin on the other side. That is called "a scoop and a mill." The capable woman grabbed a face, cleverly made a plate, made a "bell" three times and two times, put it on the left palm, put the stuffing in, and smashed it with the right hand, then pinched, Put a little raw powder on it, put it in a hot pot, press it evenly, and burn the shell, you can burn it.

The practice of burning the cake Step 1

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