Delicious healthy vegetarian rolls


Egg crust
Black fungus
yellow flower

Spinach spines into juice, remove residue and set aside

Pour the boiled water into the flour at about 70 ° C in the boiling water channel to make hot noodles, add the beaten spinach juice, and noodles.

Rush the reconciled noodles into noodles

Spread the egg into the egg crust and shred. The remaining vegetables are shredded and wrapped in the dough.

Roll the dough covered with vegetables into rolls, then steam it in a pot, about 20min. The steaming time needs to be controlled according to the thickness of the dough.

Steamed vegetable rolls, let cool and slice.

Preparation of watered dishes: a little soy sauce, a little vinegar, a little sugar, MSG, salt, sesame oil, olive oil, shredded ginger, minced garlic

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