Corn Keel Soup

Simple nutrition

Simple nutrition


Goji berries and red dates (according to personal preference, can be placed or not)
Chicken essence

Put two pieces of ginger in boiling water in the pot, put the cleaned keel into the boil, rinse off the foam with clean water, and then cool down

Cut sweet corn into small pieces, cut onion, ginger and parsley twice

Red dates and goji berries

Put the right amount of water in the pressure cooker, drop two drops of vinegar, put ginger, red dates, wolfberry first, then put the keel and corn

After burning the SAIC on high heat, turn to medium heat and cook for 15-20 minutes

After opening the lid of the pressure cooker, add the appropriate amount of salt to the soup

Finally, season the chicken essence, grab a little coriander and put on …

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