Coriander Fillet

Recommended level: 4 Difficulty level: 5 Time: 30 minutes

Recommended level: 4 Difficulty level: 5 Time: 30 minutes


Tenderloin The right amount
parsley The right amount
egg The right amount
Water starch bowl
shallot a little
ginger a little
Cooking wine The right amount
soy sauce The right amount
MSG The right amount
salt The right amount

Preliminary preparations: 1. Shredded tenderloin 2. Shredded scallion and ginger 3. Striped cilantro 4. Prepared water starch 5. Eggs with egg whites, not with yolks

Paste: 1. Add salt and egg white to stir the tenderloin by hand until it is even 2. Add the bottom of water starch and stir by hand until it is even

Production: 1. Put half a pan of oil and wait until the oil is 50% hot 2. Put the sautéed tenderloin wire, fry evenly and change the color 3. The tenderloin controls oil for use 4. Put a little leftover oil in the pan and fry the chives and ginger 5. Remove from the fire and add a little cold water. 6. Put coriander and tenderloin. 7. Put the right amount of cooking wine, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and salt to taste.

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