Braised Beef Tripe

It ’s a cool summer to come to the dish with cold beef tripe ~~~~

It ’s a cool summer to come to the dish with cold beef tripe ~~~~


Chili oil
sesame oil
Green onions
Cooking wine (or beer)
Small tomatoes

The tripe was braised the night before

The purchased tripe was washed repeatedly with salt and inside and out, and finally washed again with vinegar to remove odor

Buy the braised material in a pressure cooker and boil it in water, add fresh ginger, cooking wine, dried chili (according to personal taste), a large section of scallion (it is best to take a picture so good), and boil

Take another pot and boil the cleaned tripe

Move the marinated beef tripe to the boiled brine, squeeze until bubbling, and reduce to low heat and cook for 20 minutes. If it is the usual pan, it will be simmered for about 1.5 hours.

Soak the tripe in brine for a night to make it taste better

Shred the braised beef belly, add sesame oil, chili oil, chicken essence, paprika powder, garlic (according to personal taste), mix, sprinkle with coriander

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