Seaweed Tomato Prawn Ravioli

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There are children at the age of 5 years old. It is designed for 3-5 years old. Quickly prepare meals ^ _ ^ The following is a mother and child share. You can increase the number of ingredients in your home.


Seaweed some
Shrimp wonton 8 two
Peel and dice soft tomatoes One
salt A teaspoon
White pepper Sprinkle twice
water Three bowls

I use a frying pan. Ordinary cooking pots will do. Sauté the onion and white tomatoes for a while in a hot pan, add three bowls of water and boil

Add seaweed and stir to boil.

Add fresh shrimp wonton (now bought in the wonton shop on the street), after boiling, cover for 1-2 minutes

After opening the lid, add salt and white pepper. Sprinkle green onion from the plate. Finish.

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