Pork and Corn Braised Rice (Simplified Rice Cooker)

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One of the essential rice cooker recipes for lazy people at home. It's super easy!


Pork (preferably lean)
Sweet corn kernels
Featured rice
Chicken essence. Fuel consumption. soy sauce. salt.
garlic 3 ~ 4 petals

Rinse the lean meat and slice it. Add a little starch. Stir well

Wash the corn. Garlic is cut into particle sizes.

Add as vegetable oil. Add garlic after heat. After the golden color, add lean meat and stir fry. Lean meat 7 is mature, add corn kernels and add seasoning to consume oil. soy sauce. smoke. Add chicken essence to freshen up before cooking.

Wash the rice and put it in the rice cooker. Add the right amount of water (how much is usually used for cooking rice now), pour the fried lean corn together and stir to let it walk on the rice evenly. Add a teaspoon of salt

Turn on the rice cooker switch. Wait for it to bounce. The delicious braised rice is ready

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