Japanese clay bottle steaming

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Japanese earthenware steaming is made of earthen teapots, called "earth jars", and it is made by steaming to produce dishes, so it is called "earth jar steaming". The principle is the same as the steaming soup in the earthen pot in the south of China. They are all slowly steamed in a small cup, so that the taste and nutrition of the ingredients in the soup are completely released.


Pig tail bone

The bamboo fungus is soaked in light saline until it swells, gently remove the surface film coat, cut off the cap and net skirt, and then continue to soak in warm water until the water is clear and white;

Cut the tailbone into inches, boil it in a cold water pot, skim off the froth, add ginger slices and cooking wine to remove the odor, boil for 5 minutes and turn off the fire for standby; goji berries are soaked in warm water;

Put the tailbone and bamboo fungus into equal parts into a clay bottle or soup cup, add enough soup (nine points full), put the wolfberry, cover and steam in the pot for about 1 hour; just add a small amount of salt according to taste before eating.

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